Human Resources Management


e take pride in the fact that our company is regarded as credible consultants by Private Enterprise, the Public Service, State Owned Enterprise, Regulatory Bodies and NGO’s with whom we have worked.

  • Our vision is to be the hallmark of transformation in Southern Africa and globally, and the first to come to mind when HR or Strategic Transformation services are required.,
  • To achieve this vision, we use a holistic approach to all HR, Strategic and Transformation services to ensure our clients receive a comprehensive and quality service.,
  • Our Core Business is: Diversity Management, Culture and Climate Surveys, Employment Equity, Change Management, Strategic Alignment, Organisational Design and Development, Coaching and Mentoring, Policy and Procedure, Management Development Programmes and Performance Management Systems.,
  • Other business includes: Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Remuneration Strategy and Pay, Talent Management, Professional Business Writing Skills, Presentation Skills, Critical Thinking, Negotiation Skills, Customer Care, , Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Management.

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